What is Art?

What is Art?

Thankfully this question can never be answered.  For centuries, art has been classified and labeled.  There have been periods, schools, visions, techniques…..  By breaking with traditional classifications, WELLSENSE would like to present a fresh and original approach to art and a celebration of this rich and muti-faceted culture.  So no!  Art shall not be defined. There are no rules.

Art is another way of making sense of the world.  In your home, choose a piece of art that you really like and have it somewhere/anywhere you can see it every day, just hanging around, loitering in your life, as opposed to grandly! on show.  Remember you are only trying to impress yourself.

Art can be anything that makes you feel good, that lifts your heart, that brings you comfort.  For me, it is the image of a piece of luggage lingering in my hallway, waiting to wheel me out to explore my world.  Luggage turns me on.

For you, it might be a painting, a sculpture, a piece you picked up at a market, in a junk store, an object that reminds you of your childhood.   If it reminds you of a personal memory,  If it means something to you, if it evokes positive thoughts and wellbeing, if it touches you, it is art!  it is your art.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Pablo Picasso

The aim of the artist is usually to create a piece the excites our senses.  They try to dig deep into our psyche, our primitive side.  Naturally each of us responds differently based on our unique likes/dislikes, life experience, but when we succeed in harmonising with a piece of art, it is like a key unlocking our inner selves.

We all have a creative spark and let no one tell you otherwise.  For human beings are naturally creative people.  Creativity is often left up to artists and taken out of everyday life….of living.  It can manifest itself daily in the most simplest of tasks such as writing a letter, arranging some freshly picked flowers,  dressing a table for dinner, dressing yourself for dinner, undressing yourself in the name of…..