Directory of Supports for Mental Health | Ireland | Covid-19

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Minding Your Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused millions of people at home and around the world to need to self-isolate, practice social distancing and shelter in place. These uncertain times are causing major stress and anxiety for many people, even if they’re physically healthy and at low risk for coronavirus complications.

If your job was impacted by coronavirus and you’re newly out of work, or if you’re adjusting to working from home for the first time, it can be disorienting to suddenly spend so much time at home by yourself or closely surrounded by family members whose schedules and energy are different from your own. 

In public mental health terms, the main psychological impact to date is elevated rates of stress or anxiety. But as new measures and impacts are introduced – especially quarantine and its effects on many people’s usual activities, routines or livelihoods – levels of loneliness, depression, harmful alcohol and drug use, and self-harm or suicidal behaviour are also expected to rise.

We have put together a directory of all the supports available to you during the Covid-19 Pandemic.