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We aim to present quality ideas (based on research) that are approachable and really practical, and help people be more fulfilled in their lives. If you have an inspiring piece of content that would be a good fit, we encourage you to send it to us!

Before you submit your article to us, keep these tips in mind:


  • Create an heroic title
  • Keep it short and simple (800-1000 words)
  • Read our articles to get an idea of our writing style (conversational, inspirational and approachable) <but backed in science>
  • Keep in mind our topics
  • Cite original sources to empirical articles as hyperlinks or as added references at the end of your article
  • Note: mark “Timely” (if it’s a trending issue)

If any part of your work has been published previously, you must inform us in writing or you legally guarantee our right to publish. If your work has been published previously elsewhere online, you must update your article with a new title and approximately 20 percent new and different content in the body. This allows Google and other search engines to pick up the article as a unique article. It is better for your article, better for wellsenseIE.

If accepted and published, please feature your wellsense work on your website, Instagram, Facebook, and in your portfolio—the more you feature it in your personal sphere, and email it to friends, the more traction and readers it will get.

Expect edits. This doesn’t mean that your article is not  already great—but we may need to tailor your work to our audience and/or to fit our layout, particularly if your submission is on the long side. This includes images! We want to include your images where possible, but we reserve the right to choose what we use for final publication, for aesthetic reasons and/or copyright issues.




Glorified Press Releases


We will post and promote your PR for you for free.  We will send you our logo, let us know when it is up on your site, with link (to your article, so it’s a win-win for you).

Our conditions: we ask that our logo be posted on your home page, above the fold, reasonable size, and your article on our site be featured prominently in your newsletter (“look, our cause has been featured in wellsense!”) and your article on our site posted to your Facebook and/or Twitter—


We currently do not compensate for posts but our site is a great free platform for your writing.  (We will be doing lots of publicising and site promotion) and we are more than happy to include a link to your own website/social media accounts in your bio.


If we are impressed with your posts and you are able to commit to posting regularly, we may invite you to become a regular columnist!

We encourage readers to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or best of all get our once-a-week Top 15 Blogs email newsletter to get links to our favourite articles.


Send your article in a Google/Word Doc (.doc format only) to info@wellsense.ie along with a brief bio (less than 100 words), headshot (250 x 250) and links to your website/social media that you would like us to include.

Because we have a small team, we cannot respond to every submission we receive. However, we assure you that we carefully read every article assiduously and as eager beavers. If we feel that your article is a good fit for our website, we will generally get back to you within 14 days. 

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