We are a group of like-minded healthcare professionals interested in the fields of wellness, mindfulness and wellbeing. Our team consists of Dr Roderick Fahey, Dr Bernadette Finneran, Ms Mary Durack, Ms Birte Otto, and Elodie Golden all with a unique set of skills in the area of health, wellbeing and living well.

Doctor Bernadette Finneran

Doctor Bernadette Finneran

General Practitioner

Dr Bernadette Finneran has practiced as a physician in Ireland graduating in Medicine in 1998 from the National University of Ireland Dublin, Ireland. Dr Finneran has practiced as a family physician in Ireland since 2002.  Dr Finneran has special interests in women’s health, children’s health, family dynamics and psychology. She is a mother of  young children and has special skills in family dynamics.  She brings to this project her special ability to tailor her consultation to individual patient/client.  She is warm, caring and empathetic.  Her key skills include Lifestyle Advice, Stress Management, and Wellness.

Dr Roderick Fahey

Dr Roderick Fahey

Medical Director

Dr Roderick Fahey, MB, BcH, MRCGP, DCH  Family Physician

Dr Fahey has practiced as physician since graduating in Medicine in 1984 from National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland.  He has a wealth of experience  in healthcare having taken the road less traveled in medicine. Dr Fahey has worked as a physician in New York, Wales, Iraq, Liverpool, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Australia, finally settling in his own place, Galway, Ireland.

Prior to establishing his own practice in Portumna, Co Galway, he worked as Medical Director in the Galway Hospice.  His experience gained through his travels, absorbing other cultures and their ways of healing has given him a unique insight into how medicine is practiced throughout the world.  His special interests include travel medicine and occupational health.  He is a a vocal advocate of the new movements in Mindfulness and Wellness.  All of which are complementary to his general medical practice.

Elodie Golden

Elodie Golden

Founder & Editor

My name is Elodie Golden and I am the founder and editor of Wellsense Ireland. For my more dull profile of skills and life-long learning journey head on over to LINKEDIN.

I am a Galway girl, created somewhere along the Wild Atlantic Way.  I believe this lent itself to my relentless curiosity and an appetite for challenging the status quo.  That and the oysters.

By day you will find me busy drilling down deep in research, rearranging words and curating new ideas.  By night I am living in my mind, fizzing with lightbulb moments and unlearning 24/7.

Every now and then I like to practice deep thinking.  To think deeply means to think beyond sacred cows, preconceived ideas and prevailing opinions.  Or so they tell me.

A friend once christened me The Irish Pimpernel.  I took it as a compliment.  My illusive nature lends itself to a more abstract and whimsical life and ultimately enhances my creativity.

One of my favourite quotes is from Madame Bovary “She wanted to die, but she also wanted to live in Paris”

My idea of heaven is a beautiful melody lingering in my ear, a moment of hilarious laughter, and the warmth of the human touch.

If you cant find me, I may be drifting around the dreams that dance in my imagination.

I am most likely to be heard saying “I may, I may not”.